A Universal Design Project, Inc.

On May 31st 2017, A Universal Design Project, Inc was established as a For Profit Benefit Corporation in the State of Florida.

The corporation elects to be a benefit corporation in accordance with s. 607.603, F.S.

The purpose for which the corporation is organized is to create a general public benefit:

A Universal Design Project, Inc., is a social development corporation established for the general business purposes of creating social events, opportunities and environments centered around active living, promoting the use of universal design and benefiting the broadest population of users.

The general and/or specific public benefit(s) to be created by the corporation (in addition to its general purpose) is/are as follows (optional): 

A Universal Design Project, Inc., is established for the general public benefit of promoting inclusion and diversity through the principles and practice of universal design in an effort to build a culture of health, wellness and social participation.

Our goal is inspiring a positive national pattern of growth and development through social opportunities and environments that allow people, interaction and independence through active living.

All business activity conducted under corporation will strive to make it easier for people to lead happier and more productive lives by minimizing time spent navigating invisible and physical barriers to participate in activities of life.

Cumulative goal of creating more socially balanced, livable and sustainable communities in an effort to reduce healthcare spending, transportation costs and increase surplus funds for individuals, governments and the nation in general.

For those that don't know, Benefit Corporations are corporate structures for social enterprises that allow them to be for profit as long as their primary reason for existing is general public benefit and maximizing profits remains secondary.   I believe in this as a socially responsible and sustainable business model.  As of today, 33 States have adopted Benefit Corporations legislation, 6 more are working on it but Missouri is not one of them.  I am hoping to help change that for other socially conscious Missouri entrepreneurs through this project.

A women owned corporation, A Universal Design Project, Inc, is the parent of a social enterprise of projects originated by Atypical, LLC which dbas Helping Kids Together, A Film Series and 309 elm.

As a mom who built these projects because of life with her daughter, all of them ultimately focus on helping kids develop social capital and lead fulfilling lives.  

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