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AUDP I: 309 Elm Kimmswick, MO 63052


Circa 1865
One and a half story double-pen house on stone foundation.

Known as both Bernard Klein and Arnold House, this is a contributing resource to the Historic District of Kimmswick, Missouri in the National Register of Historic Places.

This property was purchased to be a demo of Universal Design applied to an historical structure as it MIGHT have been done over time to accommodate the needs of the family that lived there.

As the home base for our social enterprise, it's an example of how universal design is a not a stereotypical mindset but rather a guiding set of principles that can be applied to any type of structure to achieve a set of goals.

Note: This property does not completely meet all ADA standards because it would have been economically unfeasible with brick walls dividing the main living areas.  It is intended to be a conversation starter to get people thinking differently...beginning with a fictional history lesson.

Tours by appointment only.

Amy Barnes
Universal Design Consultant

Lou Henry Project Architect AUDP Project I 309 Elm
Senior Architect/Principal
Space + Form Architects

Kingsley Chukwuanu Engineer AUDP Project I 309 Elm
Structural Engineer

Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy
Community Practice Program

Spring 2018 Status  
Phase I complete and ready for Phase II

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