Thursday 22 August 2013

Universal = For Everyone

Howdy All,

I just happened across an article that has nothing to do with home construction or remodeling but has everything to do with the term "universal" and what it means.  I am inputting it here so that everyone else can see too.  It is in reference to a hairstyle that works for everyone: The Bob.  Here is the link so you can hear for yourself.  Please note that it states "every woman, but I am adding in my own two-cents because I have seen some of the male gender wear this timeless classic rather well.  While I am going to reiterate the fact that Universal Design is not just a buzz term, I am also going to point out the fact that the term "universal" is being widely used as a term for "everyone".  Please read the article. And ladies and gents who are looking for a new hairstyle...this is something to consider.

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