Sunday 30 November 2014

FINALLY! It took two years but I did it!!

And I am very proud of this too. I highly recommend it for anyone who has any sort of interest in the built environment and the ability for people to live life independently, productively and with dignity.

In the two years I was in this program, I worked side by side virtually with people from across the globe and from many different industries.  We all had one thing in common: we signed up to learn how to make the world a better place for people to be able to live their lives.  When it was all said and done, I was informed by my instructor that I was the first one in the world to have completed all eleven courses in the program. All I could say was "Wow!" It made me happy to hear this but it also made me sad because it told me people are not getting the importance of this design concept and they need to.  There is only so much land and so many resources to go around and if people who are the designers and builders continue to produce things that limit access and full participation for people, then we are going to become a functionally obsolete world full of dependents who need extra assistance, which is going to create hardships for everyone.

If you do not know anything about Universal Design OR even if you think you already know what it is, I advise you to check out a class from the IDeA Center's UD program because chances are you are going to learn something that you did not know that will open your eyes about how the built environment and people's perceptions about the capabilities and needs of others, can affect positively or negatively a person's ability to be the best they can be...on their own.

Trust me. I live this daily in a two story home trying to take care of a growing adolescent girl with mobility limitations and I know what I am talking about.


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