Saturday 6 May 2017

Here is yet another great reference article about the direction housing is going...

It supports the PSA I wrote a couple weeks ago and all I can say is: Yes, yes, yes! We are getting there.

Cheers to Pima, Arizona and the state of Vermont and yaymen for HR5254: The Senior Accessible Housing Act.  It has only just been introduced in committee according to the article but there one thing that needs to be added so hopefully we can get this done. It needs to include provisions for households of a person of any age with a disability because it needs to be noted that the long term financial, social and physical well being of not just the person with the disability but the entire household depends on an accessible environment.  A well designed environment will allow people to thrive and be active contributors to society and not just receptors.   This is the progressive action that needs to happen.

Let's keep working on this.  Please read this article and help take this universal design movement nationwide!!!!

Thank you to IDeA for sharing this!!

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