Tuesday 2 January 2018

A is for A New Start!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Today is January 2, 2018 and I am back to work.  It is that time of year when people commit to changes to improve themselves or do things differently, and given personal experience and habits,  would imagine in most cases it is to make life better in general.  I was watching The Today Show earlier and between the content and the commercials, it is obvious so much focus is being put on leading a healthier lifestyle in 2018 through good nutrition and being active.   Eating healthier and getting more exercise definitely tops my own list.

It is easier said than done if you live in an environment that does nothing to support the formation of these habits. So, in this new year, I am hoping there are people out there who are going to commit themselves to learning about, practicing and promoting universal design in their work, ESPECIALLY, if they have anything to do with constructing living, working and recreational environments.   Awareness and practice of universal design in your design and construction work could add years to someone else's life, and possibly even you or someone you love.

ENABLING a culture of  health through BUILT environments is one of the most crucial components of BUILDING a culture of health among populations.  Universal design is the way to get there so make a commitment to learn about it. You can make a difference and I am thanking you in advance for your help to further a universal design movement.

Amy Barnes
January 2, 2018

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