Saturday 28 April 2018

It is time for an overdue Public Service Announcement...When parking ANYWHERE please do NOT block sidewalks and driveways!!

Here is a photo of a major don' as a common courtesy to others please be aware of this universal rule and share this post if you know other people who do this.  Aside from the fact that this vehicle is parked in the wrong direction and should have gotten a ticket, by this person blocking the sidewalk to our space, they have prevented safe access in and out of our property.

Readers, please take note:  If you have a drivers license and are ever out in public looking for a place to park, DO NOT do what this inconsiderate person did; DO NOT block sidewalks and driveways.

Why am I posting this here?  Because safe access in and out of a property is one of the main goals of universal design.

What would you say if this was your property?

Please MOVE!!

Any questions? Please call and I will be happy to tell you more...


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