Wednesday 6 June 2018

More Evidence for Action: Another article where an author signifies no clear understanding of the concept of universal design...

Another frustrating article just came over the wire and I was hopeful at first but again disappointed  at more use of the term "universal design" in place of the word "accessible".

While universal design is always accessible, "accessible" is NOT ALWAYS universally designed.

Universal design is as pleasing to the eye as part of the overall aesthetic as much as it is functional.  It incorporates the access so it is part of the design and not an afterthought.   The  whole concept of universally designing revolves around doing it right the first time with no need to have retrofit clauses or age in place remodel contracts

Retrofit clauses and age in place remodel contracts are only setting the stage for more disruption to people's lives and more cash outlay for them down the road.  Who is to say a contractor will still be in business by the time a person may need the retrofits an age in place remodel contract might cover?  This is bogus and a lame way to do it.  Not to mention, it is perpetuating the staggering misconception that universal design is only for the aging.

Builders, Designers and Reporters of housing trends, PLEASE LEARN what universal design is before talking about it and stop abusing the term with articles like this one:

Yours Truly,

Amy Barnes

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