Thursday 24 October 2013

What are the goals of Universal Design?

The 8 goals of Universal Design are:

 1. Body Fit--Accommodating a broad range of body sizes and abilities.

2. Comfort--Keeping demands within desirable limits of body function.

3. Awareness--Ensuring that critical information for use is easily perceived.

4. Understanding--Making methods of operation and use intuitive, clear and unambiguous.

5. Wellness--Contributing to health promotion, avoidance of disease and prevention of injury.

6. Social integration--Treating all groups with dignity and respect.

7. Personalization--Incorporating opportunities for choice and the expression of individual preferences.

8. Cultural appropriateness--Respecting and reinforcing cultural values and the social and environmental context of any design project.

* Universal Design, Creating Inclusive Environments

by Edward Steinfeld & Jordana L. Maisel

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