Tuesday 14 November 2017

Welcome to our world!!! 309 elm...

Here is where we are now in the project: being able to cook and bake and experience a simpler kind of fun in this space that has been created to demonstrate how people might have lived in eras of the past.  

Below is where we want to be so we can invite others to enjoy the environment of this antique building too. I created the drawing for the property noting current issues needing addressed to help preserve the building, increase its social impact and maximize the income potential of the property as a commercial piece located in a mixed-use historic district. 

All of these improvements will equitably address building a culture of health, wellness and social participation and make a positive impact on everyone who walks or rolls through our doors.

How are we going to get there?  Hopefully with help from you!  

If you like our project and what we are doing, please reach to find out how you might be able to help.  

Thank you for your consideration,



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